texuhport: you wanted to start a podcast for a while now?

 You have sultry baritone of Barry
White, the quick wit of John Mulaney, and the content to make it to the top of the
podcast charts, but starting a podcast can be a daunting task. You don’t know what you
need to begin, so it remains a dream.


Well, dream no longer my sweet baby angel. Allow me to help you out. 


Before we talk about any hardware you may need, a podcast is practically impossible without a recording software. Some of you may already have DAWs like Garageband, Cubase, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Audacity or Mainstage but if you don’t, get one. That’s how you’re going to be able to record your podcast and export it in the necessary formats to upload it to your podcasting platform. 

Now for our area of expertise:



Let’s begin, shall we?

 First off, we know
what’s on your heart: So as always, all orders come with free shipping


Second, we have you
covered on everything you could possibly need to start your podcast in our Podcast
Starter Kit
, so check it out!
Pre-Summary: You’re getting 240$ worth of equipment for 100$ and FREE
. You’re Welcome. 

Here are some things you might need:

Samson Go Mic USB Microphone – Reg. 80.00$


The most important piece of equipment for podcasts, this condenser mic is small and portable with a great sound, making it the perfect mic for recording your previously mentioned Barry White-like vocals.

 Blank Sketchbook – Reg. 7.99$ 


Every great idea begins with some random notes scribbled on a piece of paper.
This sleek notebook has 100 pages,so that’s a lot of scribbled notes! 

USB External Hard Drive – Reg. 24.99$ 


In case you didn’t know, Podcasts take up A LOT of room on your computer. If
you leave all of your content on your computer, it’ll annoy your poor PC. If your PC is
annoyed, it could gain sentience and begin a Terminator-like takeover of the world.
Save the world, get an external hard drive. Ranging from 60Gb – 1.5Tb, there’s a hard
drive here for everyone. 

Desktop Clip USB Hub – Reg. 29.99$ 


Need more USB plugins for all the stuff plugged into your computer? Podcasts
take a lot of cords, but with the USB Hub, you can keep everything nice and organized. 

2-Piece Artificial Leather Support Pillow – Reg. 14.99$ 


Hey buddy, you like comfort? Of course you do. I hate to break it to you, but
podcasts aren’t all piles of money and fame beyond your wildest dreams. If you want to
do them well, they’re a lot of long hours in front of a computer. So these neck and back
are about to be your new best friend.

USB Flash Drive – Reg. 16.99$


For the podcaster on the go. Maybe you need to transport your work from one
computer to another. Maybe you need to bring it to a podcast company. Whatever the
need, USB flash drives are essential. These ones pack a punch, ranging from 32Gb to
128Gb of storage.

 Paper Clip Hook/Cup Holder – Reg. 24.99$ 


Coffee. Coffee need cup. Cup need cup holder. Otherwise, cup spill and coffee
fall on computer. Podcast ruined. Get cupholder. (Hey, did we mention free shipping??)

 If you’re serious about Podcasting, you’re going to do a lot of work. Let at least this part be taken care of.  You can get the ENTIRE Podcast Starter Kit, a value of $240, for a little over $100, depending on the size and color options preferred. Follow your dreams. Start here.
PS. I think we mentioned it by now, but did you hear about the free shipping?

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