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I was stalked. Had multiple FALSE charges pressed against me, all of which I was found not guilty. Multiple fictitious civil actions taken against me, all dismissed. My stalker pretended to be pregnant by my now ex husband to get us to break up. Then went on a self centered rage when I told my story. They don't want me to tell the truth about what they did to me, and other people. All defamatory posts made about me where public, where I was contacted by getting tagged in multiple disgusting racist comments. They tried to denigrate my character causing me grief, anxiety, depression, and they boasted about it. They were proud of causing me pain. Proud that they ripped my family apart. All because they didn't get their way and wanted me to drop my restraining order. This was 6 years ago. It still continues, where I find defamatory posts about me online. People stealing my pictures, making fake profiles of me. It never stops.

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